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    I organized my stuff and found a brand new and unopened brick of CCI#41 primers (1000 count, white box). I don't reload for .223/5.56 so I'd like to either sell it ($80 FTF) or trade for 2000 large pistol primers (Remington, CCI, Winchester or Federal).

    It seems the CCI#41 primers are going for about 2-3 times what large pistol primers are going for on the auction market (CCI#41 have recently gone for $90-$150 plus hazmat shipping fees, large pistol primers recently gone for $25-$75 plus hazmat shipping fees.) I only include this because what I'm asking is fair (on the low side). If you think this is highway robbery, move along.

    If you're interested, please email me at erikddaniels(at)gmail(dot)com, or text me at five-oh-three, three-two-nine, one-four-six-three. I'm in Oregon City and can travel a reasonable distance to meet (within 30 miles).

    Thanks for looking.

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