SOLD - Romanian PSL Rifle (The Romanian Dragunov FPK) - $1000 obo

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    The famous Romanian PSL rifle is a beauty.

    They are NOT importing these rifles any more due to the U.S Government rerouting all new PSL rifles to the newly established Iraqi Self-Defense Forces. They will only go up in price for decades to come.

    This is a nice substitute to the Dragunov rifle, and shoots the same cartridge (7.62x54mmR) as the Dragunov and Mosin-Nagant. It is a sniper rifle (DM rifle). But the Dragunov costs $10,000. This Romanian version of the Dragunov will do everything the Dragunov does, but at 10% the cost!

    The PSL is the most commonly used long range rifle of our enemies in the middle east (Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc).

    2 magazines
    Original milsurp magazine pouch carrying bag
    Original milsurp LPS 4x scope with dust covers
    Original milsurp sling
    Original milsurp scope cover that goes over the LPS scope
    A soft carrying case
    20 rounds

    The receiver was made in Romania. Not U.S or Chinese made crap that you see with other PSL rifles. This is the real deal. Imported by Century Arms. Century Arms PSL rifles are considered the best out of all the PSL rifles on the market. Don't settle for PSL rifles without real romanian receivers. They have all sorts of problems. This one is flawless.

    I got it for $1400. I am selling it for $1000, my loss is your gain. Relatively firm price, but I will consider reasonable offers. I have only gone through around 50 rounds, and it shoots like a champ. Absolutely nothing is wrong with it. Not looking for trades or trade/money offers.

    Must meet in public place near seattle for safety reasons. Must be 18+ y.o with no serious criminal record (no felony). Must swap driver's license info with me for safety reasons. I do not deal with shady people because I do not do shady business.

    PSL rifle.jpg
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