SOLD OUT---WOLF Sm Rifle Primers $125 for the case (5000 count)

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    +++++++++++SOLD OUT++++++++++++

    This time I only have one (1) case. WOLF Sm Rifle Primers $125 SOLD OUT for the case (5000 count)

    WolfPrimers002.jpg My stock photo.

    WOLF Sm Rifle KVB-5.56M Primers - This primer is said to be SLIGHTLY LESS HOT than the primers that I've sold before (the Sm Rifle 223). But, it's still rated as a magnum primer and it has a thick cup. It's probably not a good idea to use it with powders that are "difficult to ignite."

    FTF cash sale only, $125. SOLD OUT I will not ship. PM me with your name and phone number. If you don't leave me a phone number, I'll just move on to the next PM.

    In order to complete the sale you must be willing to meet me within 2 days of contact. We can meet along the Mill Plain corridor in Vancouver, WA or along the 82nd Ave. corridor in Portland, OR.

    Aloha, Mark
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