SOLD - 80% AR15 Lower & 95% AR15 Lower

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    Dug these up from awhile back, when I was into milling some lowers. I am not anymore, and they're not doing me any good. Neither lower has any markings or engravings of any kind, including no serial number. The "blue" color you see in the pictures will clean off easily it was just for scribing and checking measurements.





    The 95% has milling done to the point of making it a firearm. This was milled on a bridgeport with proper radius endmills, NOT a drill press. It will require the following to become finished.
    • Front takedown detent & spring hole
    • Buffer pin hole
    • Grip hole and threading
    • Bolt catch pin hole

    The 80% is untouched as far as any milling is concerned, and is safe to ship directly to your home, though I'd rather FTF. It requires all of the above milling AND the trigger & hammer pins along with the entire fire control group.

    The 95% one is now considered a firearm, and all rules apply. That being said, I've never actually sold/traded one in this state, and thus, don't have concrete knowledge of the legality of this. If anyone wants to chime in on this, I'm all ears.

    IF you decide to outright purchase and not trade, I would ask that you take a look unless you're certain you know what you're getting into.

    $150 for 80% finished one, and the 95% comes with it free.
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    I will take them. Pm sent
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