*SOLD* 7.62x25 1982 Romanian - 6120rnds - Kirkland, WA

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    This item has been sold.


    This is the good stuff. I've shot one can of this over the past few years and never had a problem in my TT-33.

    I can't find it anywhere online so I'm basing my price off of what I see for the 1950s polish stuff. This 1982 stuff is much more fresh than the 1950s Polish stuff, and has fewer problems from what I'm reading.

    What I am selling is exactly the same as the stuff at the following link:
    Ammo 7.62x25 Tokarev 1224 Total Rounds in Spam Cans Romanian 1980's Full Metal Jacket Lead Core Berdan Corrosive

    Full list of available items:
    • 5 x 1224rnd sealed cans
    • 2 x 72rnd boxes
    • 1 x ~50rnd bag of lose rounds

    • $1900 for all of the items on the list (31 cents/rnd)
    • $400 per can (32.6 cents/rnd)
    • Make a good offer if you want to buy individual boxes

    • I can deliver the items in the evening to Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Everett if you buy 1 can or more
    • I can deliver the items along I-90 all the way to Spokane on the following weekend if you buy the whole package, or in a few weeks on the weekend if you buy 1 can or more
    • For any orders that are smaller than 1 can, you'll have to come to Juanita Beach park in Kirkland
    • Shipping is $40 per can if you can't meet me in the above areas

    Cash or PayPal
    I'm hesitant to open cans and sell individual boxes, but feel free to make offers.
    I have can openers, but not 5 of them. First come, first serve.
    No trades unless you want to offer common firearms/magazines at 2011 values (you don't).

    Act fast! This stuff is becoming very hard to find very quickly. gun-deals.com - User-Submitted Gun & Ammunition Deals
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