SOLD>>>.44 Magnum Ruger Super Redhawk 7-1/2" barrel, $525 Firm

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    For your consideration: Ruger Super Redhawk in .44 Magnum, 7-1/2" barrel, 2000 production year, Serial #: 551-638XX...
    I've lugged Redhawks all around Alaska with me when I commercial and sport-fished. Round count unknown (Say under 250 a modest reality). Always used factory loads, not a re-loader (no hot mommas down-range). Cylinder is tight and wear is light (Poetic-EH?).
    Not much else to say except for having to sell due to other needs.
    Stake my life on these .44 Mags any day of the week (Bears and 2-legged Jackals) and if you've owned a Ruger you know the quality.
    Pictures show the "What-you-see-is-what-you-get" Answers you may have. Close inspection shows a few light scratches and normal wear that is to be expected from having on hip and enjoying life and the scenery.
    Comes with factory box only, no manual (you can download on if you need), no ammo, no holster, no scope or rings, no 6-point Whitetail standing still at 25 yards awaiting your shot (you get the idea).
    Long-story-sorta-short $525 Cash-Firm, no big hurry, no panic and yes, I think I am a bit of a comedian that my 40-ish years should allow...:cool:
    Only trade I might be needing is a basic SKS for a future project and unless it can teach me to speak Chinese, I will expect you to add some cash to the deal.:bluelaugh:
    Face-to-Face transfer of ownership to Oregon Residents 21 Years or older/wiser only. I will provide Bill-of-sale and we will exchange ODL or CHL #'s at sale.
    Thanks for looking, please reply or PM and I will get back to you ASAP.




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