So where do we go from here to preserve our rights?

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    First of all, realize that we are WINNING this fight. All across the nation we are making progress. So even though the the "usual suspects" make their usual blather about the "carnage," don't lose heart.

    It's pretty scary sometimes. This last year had me worried about BG checks. And that threat hasn't gone away. But overall, we are winning, and have BEEN winning, for quite a while.

    So what can YOU, as an individual do?

    1. Take someone new to the range. Aside from the fact that it's rewarding, it's hugely productive. ESPECIALLY if you own one of those "evil killy black rifles." And even MORE so if you own a Ruger 10/22 or equivalent. No one will EVER believe that a EBR is inherently more dangerous than the average hunting rifle when they have been shown, with an opportunity to shoot, both the rifles mentioned. Because the Ruger Mini-14, which is NOT on the ban list by feature, is functionally identical IN EVERY WAY to the AR-15. and it looks just like uncle bob's hunting rifle, or the 10/22. Only the caliber is different.

    2. Get to know your local state legislators and senators. When I say "get to know." I mean find some issue (ANY ISSUE) on which you can agree and SUPPORT THEM on that issue. Volunteer when they have something on the burner you can get behind. Call their offices a LOT. Get to know their staff. Meet with them. These are state legislators. If you can't get face time with them, you need to do everything in your power to GET THEM OUT based on that fact alone. Ideally, try to get your legislators out to a public range with you for a day. Invite your local NRA guys, your local gun club, etc. MAKE SURE THIS IS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. Stay away from politics. Just let them SEE how the guns actually work, what they can and CAN'T DO. 3/4 of the legislators I've met with didn't know a receiver from a follower. You can FIX this. Information is the first step in getting someone to our side. But it has to be done in a respectful, non-confrontational, entertaining way. Make sure they have FUN.

    3. Keep those cards and letters coming. Not to your legislators, to your local newspapers. People actually read this stuff. (Hint, get someone else to edit your letter. they may stop you from saying something pointlessly angry or inflammatory)

    4. (and this could have been #1) KNOW YOUR FACTS. and make DAMN SURE that anything you say can be backed up with rigorous scientific fact or generally accepted valid source data (FBI, CDC, NAS, etc). Don't quote numbers out of your butt. Know them and know where you got them. Be able to point anyone questioning you to a valid, generally accepted source.

    5. Lastly, stay calm. I get as mad as anyone else, and I've certainly lost it on THIS forum more than once. But know that when you're talking to the general public, anger is a HUGE negative. So is hysteria BTW. So everytime you're confronted with a gysterical anti and answer back with calm fact, know that you've just won a couple of new people to our side based on that alone. That's just the way it works.

    I know there's more. and doubtless, I will come into some criticism on something, but this seems to be what works in my experience. And yes, I've fought the state legislature before. and won. (Even though it cost my group $25k we didn't have.) Is that's what it takes, that's what it takes. All we have to do is not screw up the good thing we have going. The momentum is all in our favor, long-haul.

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