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I was over at my parent's house in a nearby town today, enjoying some quality time with my grandkids who were over to enjoy the backyard and animals.

My dad informed me that their neighbor, about 100 yards away on the side of their pasture, supposedly had a pet snake get loose. My brother lives one house down from the snake owners and his immediate neighbor came over to warn him since he has small children.

I called my brother to get the details and he said the idiots lost an 8' boa constrictor about 3 months ago and didn't tell anyone until today. They figured it would just magically come back and supposedly lost it last year for about a month and it showed up in the engine compartment of their vehicle trying to stay warm at night.

Now, I'm sure an 8' boa isn't much of a threat to small children, but there are a lot of people in the neighborhood with small dogs and cats that probably would have appreciated a heads up that a pretty large snake was loose in the area.

The complete lack of common sense and common decency of people these days never fails to amaze me.

Oh, and gratuitous pic of one of my grand sons petting the mule...

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