WTS OR Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 w/ Insight Laser

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    $375.00 (Buyer pays transfer fee) Located in Tigard

    Hey there fellow enthusiasts. I am looking to sell/trade my S&W Bodyguard .380. I have had it for about 3 years, and I really like how easily I can conceal it, but I am looking for something other than .380.

    Package includes:
    1-Bodyguard .380 w/ Insight Laser
    1-S&W factory carrying case
    2-6 round mags with pinky extension
    1-6 round mag without pinky extension
    34-Hornady Zombie Max rounds
    1-"Crossbreed Style" IWB holster (Note: My buddy built a vacuum table specifically for pulling Kydex holsters. I think this holster was his 15th that he made, so he had the process down and he has sold a couple for $65.00-$75.00. Well made, super comfortable, pistol completely disappears in light clothing. Not included in the trade price, but an extra bonus.)

    Primarily looking to trade sell or straight across, however I am savvy enough to know that some of the best trades will require a little cash on one end or the other. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN TWO TONE PISTOLS. Other than that, I am not picky and would definitely like to see what everyone is willing to part with. Trades I'm especially interested in are:

    Springfield XDs .45
    Sig P938 (any variant)
    Shield 9mm
    Ruger LCR
    Almost any S&W Revolvers
    AR pistols

    We each pay transfer fee. Hit me up with your trades, worst I can say is no!

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    I have a S&W 642 lightweight 38 spl DAO. I'm in Lebanon so if you have an interest give me a holler at 541-401-1063

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