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For Sale is a LIKE NEW, as far as I can tell, Unfired, Sig Sauer P229 in .40 S&W! This pistol is in PRISTINE shape with a build date of April 12, 2019. I cannot find any wear on this pistol. Even the slide to frame rails are clean and black with no wear. Both barrels look like new. The .357 barrel looks unfired and the .40 barrel looks like it may have just been fired at the factory. All three magazines look like they have never been loaded with zero wear on the plastic followers. The light rails look untouched. Comes with bright Night Sights, Sig plastic grips, an extra NEW Sig .357 Conversion barrel, 3x 12 round magazines, original box, manual and lock. My reason for selling is that I found a P226 Tacops in .40/.357 and decided to keep it and move on from this beautiful P229. Here is a chance to own an almost NEW P229 in 2 calibers. Please message me with any questions. I am posting a lot of pictures that I hope will show you what you are getting.

$800 local Cash Sale. Buyer pays for their own background check/transfer fees. Preferred FFL's are Adaptive Firing Solutions ($20), Tigard Pawn 4 More ($25) or Money Market Pawn ($40).

$850 Shipped & Insured from my Oregon FFL to your FFL. I accept Discreet PayPal Friends & Family or Venmo. I will not ship this pistol with the 12 round magazines to a state that has 10 round magazine capacity laws.

71642A33-2286-42AD-BA19-0A88979F03B5.jpeg 7528515D-9F66-4AC6-AE80-A845B8360B02.jpeg D6844C01-F945-4F30-B67F-A119357E5AB4.jpeg 1F026578-E1FC-4295-B9DA-FDDE04CA1821.jpeg 316B012F-4FA5-40A7-98B8-F78995BAA01A.jpeg 2D527A33-61EC-4105-9049-E3EEEE0B237F.jpeg E4B5DC86-E39C-4A59-BB2E-3B1F5E896B15.jpeg 3009B080-7B38-4797-9DBD-3254B5356FD6.jpeg 07477F79-787E-47E0-AA9B-CD9BCE755BD3.jpeg 530F3072-EEF5-4DFB-BDC4-3F29E03EA48F.jpeg 0ED0F6D5-814D-427C-B175-D09C81E98133.jpeg FCCFABAE-9CFA-4A4F-8303-C186B7D4AC87.jpeg 630DDAFF-68CB-460B-812C-E784FCE635C4.jpeg 88550D3B-2301-4B60-8011-62239B775C9B.jpeg C01FE53B-4517-4FF7-A087-3AA7B5603FD4.jpeg 4A95E4A4-FEBB-4001-94FF-E5AFD04A49F3.jpeg 72C5E5AC-0C2F-4D2B-91E3-34076037F4D5.jpeg
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