C0900CC6-B4D1-4D23-85DB-E024963603F9.jpeg 18C11A99-2E47-48E9-9871-E81AF9D8B4D8.jpeg 231D46DF-562F-4E2A-AC78-1F285504BC09.jpeg F49209C8-5AC1-431A-95A0-E4B2F016AD55.jpeg EF6A66D4-3B69-4C98-AAAC-161E3EF3802F.jpeg 9168B4CD-A98F-43AD-A5BE-DB7DCBB9CE48.jpeg B3B14E92-1FB5-4770-9179-B5C599F27B73.jpeg About 600 rounds through it, functions flawlessly. It’s an accurate beast and a ton of fun, I just can’t justify keeping it with how little I shoot it. There is a small mark on the left side of the slide from a kydex holster that is visible in the photos.

With the gun you get the plastic box, three original mags, the special Legion case and challenge coin, and 60 rounds of 125gr Speer Gold Dot.

Also available are a Blackhawk Serpa holster, Overwatch Treadstone IWB, Overwatch IWB single mag carrier, and Dara light-mounted IWB for a TLR-1 in carbon fiber pattern kydex (light not included). I’ll give you a deal on any or all of the holsters if you buy them with the gun.

Looking for $900. Must transfer at an FFL according to Oregon law, also willing to come to WA.


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