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Sig Sauer
La Center
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Virtus slim handguard, DMR 16" length, that is essentially brand new. It's been through three or four "tours" through my basement, and been put on/off an upper a couple of times. Most recently, it got a nice CLP rub-down to remove any fingerprints. :cool:

I live outside La Center and work near downtown Vancouver. I'm pretty flexible to meet most weekdays. PM me if you are interested. Price is shipped.
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Had this sold on another forum, then buyer decided it didn't look "brand new enough" so now I have it back in my hands. Gave it a quick look over - it still looks like it did when I took it out of the box and removed it from the upper I bought that it came on, but I've given it a quick rub-down with some CLP just to be sure it is blackety-black-black, and now it's back up for sale.

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