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SHTF gun

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by coosbaycreep, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    link to many more pics:ptr91 pictures by dillardzach82 - Photobucket

    -PTR-91 KF
    -16" barrel
    -SN# AW3554
    -bolt gap is .013"

    has/comes with the following:
    -bill springfield trigger job
    -PCS heavy buffer
    -mako T-Pod VFG/bipod thingie
    -6" picatiny rail
    -leapers UTG scope illuminator
    -hensoldt fero Z24 scope with claw mount, case and tool kit
    -3 point sling
    -port buffer
    -cheek piece
    -bayonet adapter lug
    -bayonet and scabbard (great for stabbin' commies:))
    -21 20rd magazines
    -broken shell extractor
    -240rds of factory ammo

    here's a breakdown of the ammo:
    -120rds remington 150gr MC
    -80rds remington 150gr core-lokt PSP
    -20rds winchester power max 150gr PHP
    -20rds hornady match 168gr BTHP

    I bought it about 3 years ago from keith's in gresham, and have put somewhere between 900-1200rds through it since then.

    Cosmetically, the gun was flawless until I tried to install the port buffer and a carrying handle. Now it has the following:
    -scratches on the receiver near the port buffer
    -scratches where the scope mounts (can't really see them unless you remove the scope)
    -scratches on the barrel under the handguard from removing the handguard
    -When I was trying to put a carry handle on, there was no way it was going to fit without removing some material from the handguard, so I used a dremel on part of it:thumbup:, but gave up after I realized I would have had to hack the handguard up a lot worse than I was willing to accept in order to get the handle to fit, so only a small portion has been ground. You can't see the grind marks unless you remove the guard though.
    -other than the scratches near the buffer, the gun still looks nice

    This gun will NOT cycle South African surplus, or any other tar sealed surplus ammo most likely.

    Other than with the SA surplus, I've only had three malfunctions; 1 FTE, 1 double feed, and 1 case head separation:paranoid::

    None of the malfunctions had occurred until it had gone between 600-700rds without being cleaned, as I purposely wanted to see how reliable it would be when it's filthy dirty. It might not be AK reliable, but none of the ARs I've shot would have kept going the way this did as dirty as it was.

    Also, the case that let go didn't do any damage to anything from what I could see, and I've shot about 50rds since then with no more issues. (The case that broke was once fired commercial brass, which is quite a bit thinner than NATO stuff).

    For a long time I regretted buying this gun due to the weight, terrible ergonomics, ridiculous price of accessories, and because of how rough it is on brass (the port buffer helps a lot though). With the cheek piece, heavy buffer, and trigger job, it's a lot more comfortable and easy to shoot now, but it's still a big, heavy, awkward gun, and it still kicks a lot for the caliber. For the money, you're better off buying an M1A if you want iron sights, or an AR10/DPMS if you want optics, because unless you're into collecting .308 battle rifles or just want something different, there isn't much of anything this platform offers that a M1A/AR doesn't do better. It's still an accurate, reliable, and seriously badass gun though.

    $1575 (which is WAY less than I could replace it for)
    price is firm
    no parting anything out, selling as a package only
    no shipping, FTF in the Roseburg area only
    there's a small chance of me going to the portland area in the next week or so possibly too

    prefer to sell to other CHL holders, otherwise will want a bill of sale

    I don't mind letting anyone who is seriously interested in it run some mags through it first to test it out either (You would have to supply some 150gr factory (remington/federal/winchester) ammo though), although I doubt anyone will be interested in this when there's two other PTR-91s for sale on the board right now that don't have scratches.
  2. pattonclan

    pattonclan Tillamook Oregon Active Member

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    Interested in trade for 4x4 truck
  3. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    no thanks
  4. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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  5. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    one more bump before I shoot up some more of the ammo
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