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Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by 4Freedom, Feb 5, 2011.

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    Hi, I am looking at different areas to relocate and I am just starting to look into the Olympia area. Does anyone here know what shooting ranges there have action pistol and 100+ yard high power rifle range? I was looking at Capitol City, which looks like a nice club but they don't talk about membership anywhere on their website. Are they open to new members? Is it a normal rifle range or is it a club that only hosts events? I wasn't quite sure. I'd be interested to know the best ranges and shooting spots in the area.
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    Im just getting into shooting myself and live in Olympia. There is the Capitol Forest where you can shoot in as long as you follow the basic rules for DNR land. There is a big gravel pit that is close in, but can be a wild free for all. There are other places up further in the woods. I havent shot there yet, but I have ridden Mtn Bikes in the forest for over 10 years and you get used to lots of shooting out there.

    There is also a range on Ft Lewis that is open to the public called "Range 15". If you drive around you can get there without crossing the base gates. I havent been there yet but with some google searching I found a PDF for the place. Forget where. Just search "Ft Lewis Range 15".

    There is also "Evergreen Sportsmans Club" out at the edge of Capitol forest. It is a club where you have to join, but they do have a rife and pistol range. Evergreen Sportsmen's Club

    I know this is the outdoor forum, but I'll add this too...
    The closest indoor place to shoot Ive found is the Marksman. Ive been there 2 times now and it seems like a fine place for indoor, .44mag max caliber for handguns and no fifles over .22.
    Welcome to our website : The Marksman - Where the Professionals Train
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    I remember shooting in a Glock match in Shelton. Not sure what all they support there regularly but its not too far from Oly.

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