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    Okay, so, the wife and I took our guns out to Sisters today on guidance from a friend, who of course gave us directions that meant nothing. We found some folks to give us some guidance, thankfully.

    If you're looking for a spot to shoot around Sisters, if you're travelling westbound on Highway 20 towards Salem, about a mile past Tollgate (maybe 3 miles past the Rays complex) you'll see a VERY SMALL sign for Road 500 or Route 500 or some silly thing like that. It'll be on your right. Take that road and follow it until you hit a wide spot. Its probably a good 75 yards deep, with a berm at the end.

    Good spot, most people seem to have policed their brass, but not many of their targets (found a few empty beer cans with what looked like .22 entries) and a lot of smashed pigeons. We easily burned through 150 rounds of 12ga and .22lr each.

    Apparently further down there is an event larger gravel pit you can shoot in, but we didn't check that out. But please, if you use the smaller area, please police your brass and collect your targets. I know I'm new, and I shouldn't have to ask, but I probably collected 20 or 30 different kinds of shells other than my own.

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