Shield .40 having JHP feed issues

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by nwtech, May 4, 2013.

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    Bought a Shield .40 a couple months back and have about 500-600 rounds through it. It seems to like all ball ammo (Winchester White Box, Blazer, Magtech, etc.) but hates hollow points. After the first 150-200 rounds of ball shot through it, I tried some Remington Golden Saber and it was having failures to feed. The FTF would happen after I got a round or two to chamber, fired, then would jam up. This would even happen after the slide was locked back, a new magazine placed in the gun, and releasing the slide lock with my thumb.

    I cleaned the gun and slightly polished the feed ramps. Took it back to the range and was able to shoot the Golden Sabre reliably for two magazines, which is only 14 rounds and I didn't have anymore JHP with me. It still shot FMJ fine but at the end of the session I found that the front end of the recoil spring had broken off. When I took the gun apart the recoil spring fully extended and I contacted Smith and Wesson. They sent me a new recoil spring, no questions asked.

    So I go back to an outdoor spot to test functionality and it still shoots FMJ fine. I shot about another 200-250 rounds through it. I had some Hornady Critical Duty JHP (with the weird red plastic in the hollow area) and it FTF almost every time, just like before. Needless to say I was pissed and ready to throw the gun at some rocks but didn't.

    So my question is should this gun have an issue with JHP? Only liking specific brands of JHP? Seriously thinking of getting rid of it and getting an XDS in .45.

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