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I can't find a lot of good info about this. Seems the typical pundits on either side.

"yeah, a step towards a peaceful world" vs. "the US gave up a deterrent against our enemies"

There has to be more to it.

I don't understand the logic in a huge nuclear arsenal. It's almost impossible to "win" a nuclear conflict. Perhaps there's a case for tactical nukes, but I think melting a continent goes beyond defending anything.
Behind the inspectors Russia will keep their nuclear stock pile ready to go while we disarm ourselves.

I love how people say we can trust them when all you have to do is look back at the last 20 years to see we cannot. Commie russia is still alive.
...it's a dang menagerie, but isn't that always the case with global politics? I've lived all my 40+ years with M.A.D./mutually assured destruction being the way the world works. And it still is, START treaty or not. We can still completely obliterate everything living on earth several times over, treaty or not. So, of course, can Russia and its client states, China, France, probably Israel too. India & Pakistan would be able to do unthinkable damage... **** I don't trust politicians in general, much less the shady behind-the-scenes players that have always existed globally and made money on keeping the soup boiling. So I don't see that any treaty means much in reality. Photo ops and press releases will be the main outcome, I reckon. Smiles and handshakes, blah blah.

PAKISTAN is, I think, the scariest nuclear player on the field. Corrupt government, probable collusion with every terrorist group on the planet while acting as our ally to get fat $$$, massive internal instability... jeeesh. Iran & North Korea wanting in the club too, of course, is reason for constant vigilance.

So, sure, this latest START deal is more of a warm fuzzy move than anything substantive. We will never be nuclear-free, no matter how many treaties we sign or what the texts might state. Good, bad, or a moot point? The cat ain't going back in the bag. We have as many places to stash nukes as the Russians (and Chinese, etc etc) and we have a much stronger infrastructure with which to do so. And they know it. It's the smaller players that just don't care that are far more dangerous, imo.
yaaa... dont think our government would give up nukes unless they were confident in some other weapon they have...... or the ability to shoot down another country's icbm's.
If you think this isn't a significant international agreement, you have your head very deeply in the sand. You many not realize it peeing off the back porch of your double-wide, but international relations -- even on nuclear issues -- are important. It may not seem that way in your little world, but it's true. The Republicans who battled against it for so many months know this, even if you don't.

Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean it's not important.
Now it remains to be seen if the Russians will object to a missile shield in eastern Europe, should Iran's nuclear ambitions bear fruit.

That is what the 'pubs were fighting it over. And I'm still not sure they weren't correct
Another worm and fuzzy for the progressive liberal bed wetters. I know I'm sleeping better at night.

Only on this forum do I hear this nonsense. A treaty started by the Great One in the 80's is now another worm? and fuzzy for progressive liberal bed wetters, what a joke.
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