Security Ofc. Badge.GLOCK, Harley Police Prints.

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    A NEW Custom built badge by Blackington.
    (The best badge company in the business)
    Security Officer.
    7 point star design with State of Oregon center seal.
    ( This isn't a Police badge, nor is it issued anywhere that I know of)

    Nickle rho-glo finish.
    Superb badge without the custom wait!

    For display use only..I'll even throw in the clip on badge holder.
    badge is NEW and never worn, just been in my drawer for a while.


    $6 for shipped/insured.

    Continental USA buyers only please.


    GLOCK Annuals: 2006-2010! Superb!

    RARE out of print Glock Annuals for you.

    No longer available from Glock except maybe the 2010.
    All in superb shape.
    No marks or cuts..just tons of Glock pics and info.

    --You won't find these any where else.
    -----------------------------FREE Team Glock patch, Glock (nickle type) key ring. G17 Key ring.
    Glock 21 SF pin.
    FREE Glock 19,23,33, magazine baseplate by Pearce

    (ask for a pic). will fit any 9mm, 40, or 357 magazine
    ask bout your pistol.
    These annuals are as close to pristine as you will get.

    $8 for shipping/ins. cont. usa buyers only.


    These are rare and hard to find these days.

    Have been in dry storage for about 10 years..
    I don't know if HD even puts out professional prints like these

    Genuine H-D Police Division tie-tac with proper pin clasp.
    The new ones look like cheap ugly zinc.

    Nice condition Philly Police pin.

    Rare HD Print of a Harley Motor from the back.
    I think they are 8x 10s.
    I'm selling the tie-tac and police pin, plus one print
    for $32 shipped/insured.

    11 more identical prints would be another $75 plus $6 postage.

    IF you can find these cheaper,,then buy them.

    Contact me with any questions or for pics.

    Serious cont. usa buyers only please.

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