Seattle Times Danny Westneat and WA State Rep. Mike Hope Agree on Background Checks?

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    This weekend there was another column in the Seattle Times that caught my eye. It was written by Danny Westneat who included input he apparently received from Mike Hope, WA State Rep from the Lake Stevens area regarding a new universal background check system for private sales.
    Times article:
    Common sense finally enters the gun-rights debate | Local News | The Seattle Times

    Danny Westneat's e-mail:
    Mike Hope's e-mail:

    It appeared they were both agreeing on a universal background check in WA state to be used on private gun purchases. I remain a little confused on if they were on the same page. I believe Hope was talking about a database which would allow private sellers to phone in and validate a perspective buyers had nothing on their record preventing a sale. Westneat, to me at least, appeared to spin it as more of a State approval system which I would be concerned with as I believe that would directly lead to fees, sales tax on the fee and the gun price, location of both the seller and the buyer being recorded and serial number tracking.

    Dave Workman had a conversation with John Carlson this morning on KVI regarding Mike Hope's proposal. I missed most of it. Maybe he will job in and correct my understanding. Regardless I wrote to Westneat and Mike Hope along with the State Senator and Representatives from my district expressing my concerns. I keep wondering if the violence is so bad, why aren't our State Politicians up in arms with law enforcement and working to get them to crack down on gangs and drugs. Instead they seem more concerned with having gun owners register as if they sex predators.

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