So, been kicking around idea of adding another MG to the mix. And the now torpedoed "modern broomhandle" project was a thing that bounced around the noggin for a while. (Parts acquired for said looked purdy, but the material strength was dubious, and therefore dumped on the used market this Friday.)

Which got me to thinking about a full-auto version of the C/96 to hit both points; either original Mauser or Spanish copy. I pitched the idea to my better half whilst starting dinner and she is very hip to the idea. (She's a history nerd and a Star Wars fan. Doesn't take too much imagination to see why.) I've been doing some searches and they do turn up from time to time on auction sites, but all I've found so far are long gone. Prices were all on the lower end for fully transferable MGs, so that's good to know.

Thoughts? Anyone own one? Know of an active listing? Gracias!
My great grandfather owned one. Illegally I might add. Hell of a fun gun to shoot. Impossible to keep on target without a stock. It was a gun he had "confiscated" somewhere along the lines in his sheriff deputy capacity.
Circling back to this; anyone know of a C3 dealer with one? Google-Fu isn't turning up much. Time was they were pretty common on the market, but maybe that changed.

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