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I received an email today, in regards to my "WTB" ad here on Northwest Firearms......

My ad here : https://www.northwestfirearms.com/t...53-enfield-3-band-musket-or-whitworth.370008/

Here is the email:
Brett Vernon <brettv077@gmail.com>
Wed 4/21/2021 10:06 AM
To: Nate ZZZZZz (edited=ME)

Good morning mate,

I have a used but like new Parker hale enfield 1853 rifle in excellent condition! chambered in 577 cal.
Hasn’t been used that much or tampered with still clean with only about nothing less than 100 rounds put through and it still shoots smooth... The gun has been kept in the safe and all parts on the rifle still appears to be free from any rust or pitting still clean! The stock is a one piece walnut stock with three barrel bands, has bright and sharp bore. Mechanics still does function perfectly fine!
Gun comes in it’s original box with factory paperwork.
Asking $950 shipped for it to your FFL.

Do let me know if it suits your interest

Brett !

Something didn't feel right to me , what with his use of the word "mate" and the black drape under the very beautiful rifle in the pictures he attached to the email

Plus, the lack of Toes in the pictures , was a total RED FLAG
Being an optimist, I replied to him and his 2nd email arrived

Wed 4/21/2021 10:20 AM
To: Brett Vernon

Am definitely interested in buying it.
Where are you located and can we speak by phone this evening?
If you ship, you can send directly to me ?
No ffl needed on black powder or antique guns.
Looking forward to speaking with you
Port Townsend WA

Brett Vernon <brettv077@gmail.com>
Wed 4/21/2021 11:03 AM
To: Nate ZZZZZ

Yeah. sounds good!
I Am in Kansas, chapman to be exact!
Where’s your location ?
514 6135338 is my phone


At that point, I googled his Name, which turned up previous scamming on gun forums.
He is an old hand at SCAMS !
Then I Googled his Telephone number, of which the area code is in Canada !
Later I found the photos he attached to the 1st email after a google searh.
They were copied from Gun Auction here :

Be very careful, everyone. There are scammers out and about !
Well, now, mate! I use "mate" quite a bit myself and if we ever met, my slight accent might explain why.
Lol.....Yes , all my Aussie and UK "mates " use that. I view it as a term of ( no homo)
endearment. 99+ out of 100 American Gun guys, however do not. Big red flag for me after my initial hope's he was a UK expat living here in the states ready to sell his prize PH


Uh, more like bullheads in a fishing derby.
So many scam posts on armslist you can't flag them all. Part of why I jumped off A L and started angling over here.

Damn straight! Left that dog and pony show long ago. As you mentioned got to a point of flagging post as a part of civic duty haha. Rarely even trading but you can't beat NWFA!
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