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I decided to get on the Savage do it yourself bandwagon.
I have been playin around with this project for a few months now and am finally pretty much finished. I may end up matching the barrel to the action which I semi dark gray parked and possibly darkening the stock but this is pretty much it for now.
Pawn Shop special 30-06 long action reciever re-barreled to a
260 Remington Caliber (6.5mm-08) (Just in case some of you are wondering why a long action for a short action cartridge? Well, it's not just because I can! It's because I handload and I want the freedom of seating my bullets out further toward the rifling/lands for potentially better accuracy while still being able the utilize the magazine.)
25 1/2" magnum sporter contour Mc Gowen match grade barrel.
Stainless Pillar Bedded in a custom (lengthened) Boyds thumbhole laminate stock that I specially clear coated.
S/S Supply COMPETITION trigger.
Xtra heavy stainless recoil lug.
Versa Pod sit down bipod.
Kick-Eez recoil pad.
Topped with a 6.5-20x44 Vortex Viper Scope w/ mil-dot


Nice lookin rifle: When you put some loads together, please let us know your results. Chrono if possible.. Very interested in the performance you get.
Thanx for all the praise gents! I took her out last Saturday and torched off a few rounds but weather was wet and I left my chrony on the previous trip so it was dead and I had no spare battery. I made the best of it though and was able to send a few down range at 50 and 130 yds. It only took five rounds to make me content to proceed to the 130 and then I was a bit tickled coz all the 5 next holes were touching at that range. Not to bad for in the midst of a rainstorm shootin out of the back of my pickup with the bi pod. Under an inch with mild effort and the first loads I tried. BTW- the loads are built from necked down Lake City brass filled with 40 gr. of Hunter pushin 140 grn. Sierra GK's.(Very mild loads) I think she'll be a coyote killin machine!That is, the ones the stock don't scare off! hehehe! :s0112::s0114::s0112:
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