Savage 110 FCP HS Precision 338 Lapua Magnum

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    Selling my nearly new Lapua. 22 rounds fired. Strict break in procedure followed. 1 round fired, then cleaned for 5 rounds, then 3 rounds fired then cleaned for the rest. Has been averaging just under an inch to just over an inch at 100 yards. - Extremely high demand at the moment and hard to find.

    Will come with:

    Savage 110 FCP HS Precision

    Warne 1pc Picatinny 20MOA Scope Mount

    Osprey 6-24x50 Scope - Really isn't very good at all, but I had it so I tossed it on there so I could play.

    Caldwell 6" - 9" Swivel bi-pod

    100 Rounds of Lapua brand Brass - 22x once fired, 16 loaded with 300gr Bergers for break in/load development, 12 primed with Winchelster Large Rifle Magnum primers, and 50 unprimed. All brass has had the primer pockets uniformed, flash holes deburred and chamfered with a VLD chamfer tool.

    62 300 Grain Berger Bullets

    Forster Ultra 2 Die Set

    350 WLRM Primers, about a pound and a half of Retumbo, two ammo boxes that hold 50 rounds each, a carbon fiber cleaning rod, jag and nylon brush.

    Sold Pending Funds
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