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(CZ Clone. Compatibility with CZ 9mm Pro Mags, etc. Almost 100%.)
(Receipts Included Upon Request)
Sarsilmaz USA B6C 9mm.
Purchased At Grays Harbor Guns and Ammo on June 1st, 2020 for $320.00 with $79.00 off.
It came with a HardCase, two individual 13+1 Round Magazines, Owner Records/Owner Manual, a Pit Bull 'Outside the pants' Holster, as well as a few pieces of cleaning equipment. There was also a trigger lock included. I am not entirely sure how to post photos of the firearm, as I am posting Via internet browser and not a App on my Phone. This Firearm has two rear blue dots on the iron sights, and small blue color fill along the barrel. I am open minded to any and all available offers or opportunities. I am grateful for you all. Thank you. If you wish to contact me via Text Message, Please feel free to send a text message to the following number
It may take a little bit for my phone to recieve any incoming text messages or audio calls, as I live in outside of the city and lack service at times.
Willing to Accept or Contemplate trades for another Sarsilmaz, a Smith and Wesson, or any reliable handguns. Besides so, any offer of trade is viewed.
Not in a deep rush to get rid of her.
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