S&W mod 36, Circa 1960, Flat Latch, Ruger .22-45 for LCR or(?), .22 LR

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    I'm wanting to trade for the right .22 LR "pocket" pistol....perhaps a Ruger LCR, "J" frame sized revolver (preferred) or Beretta Bobcat w/CT lasergrips. Difference in value (if any) negotiable.

    My S&W 36, .38 spl. is in VG condition, showing some light carry blueing wear. I have the original "diamond wood grips", A Hogue bantam grip and the CT laser grips (installed). The sharp hammer corners have been rounded to save my belly during IWB carry. I estimate the value of this gun to be ~$550 with the laser grip.

    I also have a like new Ruger .22-45 with some Volquartzen internal parts, red dot and all the original parts, box, papers, etc. that I would consider as part of a trade for the right piece. I have over $400 invested in this one.

    If interested please reply via PM. Send questions about my 36 or .22-45 in this thread.

    CT grip on 36.jpg

    CT grip on 36 2.jpg


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