S&W M&P 9mm with holster, mag carriers, extra mags, all like new! <Reported as SOLD>

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    Here’s a complete Smith & Wesson M&P package – ready to go for IDPA or carry!

    Package includes:

    1). Full-size M&P 9mm, shipped May of ’06. Factory box, papers, interchangeable factory backstraps, etc., like-new, never carried.

    2). (4) S&W factory 17-round mags; two have never even been used.

    3). Haugen Handgun Leather right-hand OWB holster, new / never used.

    4). Haugen mag holder for IDPA (mags face in same direction), new / never used.

    5). Haugen mag holder for carry (mags face opposite directions), new / never used.

    But wait, there’s more!

    The M&P had a trigger job done by Dan Burwell of Burwell Gunsmithing, a master gunsmith well-known for his outstanding trigger jobs on the M&P. True to form, Dan coaxed a trigger pull out of this gun that’s as close to a 1911 pull as these guns get – smooth with absolutely no grittiness, crisp and glass rod-like break, and positive reset. It’s like night and day compared to the mushy, heavy, gritty, guess-where-the-reset-is feel of the typical M&P. That magic he performed makes this gun the finest striker gun I’ve ever shot, and I’ve shot a number of ‘em. The receipt for this job will be included in the items sent.

    I bought all this thinking I was going to take up IDPA, but time and other commitments quashed that idea, and I’m realizing now that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s been sitting in my safe for years, and it’s time to let this oustanding package go to someone who can actually use it.

    The holster and mag holders are brand-new and have never been used – as mentioned above, I’ve never carried the gun. The gun has 400 logged rounds through it (four indoor range sessions at 100 rounds each – two before the Burwell trigger job, two after it), is like-new, is a flawless performer that’s had no failures, and has been maintained with immaculate care.

    $700 + $50 shipping for everything. Sorry, not looking for trades. Email any questions to Clinton65(the-at-sign)comcast.net.






  2. odiesplace97301

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    if you want to sell a couple of the mags, let me know
  3. yj93ben

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    Is it still available?

    <apparently not... thread closed> ~ZR
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