S&W M&P 15T (AR-15) with lots of extras..SOLD!!!

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    I have a almost new (shoot it maybe 200-300rds) Smith & Wesson M&P 15T, it came from the factory with Troy rail, Troy Flip up from and rear back up sights, paid $1300 for it new at keith's, since new I added the following to it:
    -Brand new Surefire M951 Kit weapon light, paid $470 for it (is mounted on the gun but never been at the range or field)
    -CQD Front slint point black, paid $35.00 at BCM
    -Tango Down black vertical grip, paid $70.00
    -BCM Gunfighter charging handle, medium, paid $45.00
    -CTR black stock (mil spec), paid $92.00
    -MIAD black grip (it cames with all the extra parts), paid $38.00
    -XTM rail panels in black, 30 pieces, paid $6.50 for each 8
    -ASAP sling plate, paid $28.00
    -MS2 sling in coyote, paid $49.00

    If you add eveything is a little over $2100.00, I'll like to sell everything, plus 3ea USGI 30rd mags with Ranger plates and factory gun case for $1550 plus shipping, or I'll take a partial trade, I need at least $800 cash to finish other proyects, Partial trades that I'll take:
    -Trijicom 1-4 Accupoint with Larue tactical mount
    -Aimpoint Comp M4
    -Aimpoint T1 with Larue tactical mount
    -BCM 14.5" complete upper (with/without BCG) with a flat top and Larue/Daniel defense rail, it must be like new
    -Remington in 308 (SPS/LTR/PSS).

    USPS Money orders or cash only, I will only ship to where is legal and only to a FFL that will receive guns from private parties, Ill be happy to email pics, please email me for questions at ebuder74@gmail.com

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