S&W DA .45

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    Smith and Wesson DA .45 - $500

    Moderate scratches just forward of the cylinder on the left side and a chip out of the wood grip. It looks to be a refinish as well.

    Here is a link to a detailed high-resolution image. At first, it will appear small on your browser window. Click on the image and it will enlarge to full size.


    Here is a link to other guns I currently have for sale:

    This is part of gun collection liquidation for a family friend that was widowed a while back. I do own guns, but I'm not a collector. So if more information is needed, feel free to contact me.

    1. The asking price is based on optimum retail valuations as received from members of this board and others. I have erred on the high side, so feel free to PM me with any offers.

    2. I prefer to only sell to members of this board with a history or have a CPL. If you do not have a history on this board, but can show reasonable proof of responsibility, i.e. gun shop owner, history on another board, etc., that should be fine as well.

    3. I can only sell to Washington State residents. I will want to see a valid Washington State ID with your picture on it. You can cover your name and address if you want for privacy. I will not record any of your information. My only concern is your resident status.

    4. I prefer to meet in Seattle. I will travel as far south as Tukwila, as far north as Shoreline and as far east as Bellevue. Meetings must be during the day in a public place. Cash or check with verifiable funds.

    5. No trades.

    6. All descriptions and prices are accurate to the best of my knowledge. If anyone sees any inaccuracies, I would be very interested to know what those would be and would welcome anyone’s input.

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