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Smith & Wesson
460 S&W Magnum
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I bought this on a whim a few years ago. My goal with this revolver was to eventually have the cylinder cut for moon clips so I could shoot .45 ACP in it (in addition to .460, .45LC & .454). But recently I picked up a 325 Thunder Ranch in .45 ACP so now I am thinking this revolver is more than I need (I do not anticipate going back to Alaska or doing any hunting with this).

The power approaches that of a .45-70 rifle.

Of my 5 S&W revolvers, this one has the best trigger - it is a close match between this gun and my Performance Center TRR8. Compared to my 329PD (25oz .44mag), the recoil on this is mild. Between the weight, the comp and the grips, the recoil is more than tamed. With mag ammo you know you have shot a magnum, but it doesn't hurt in the least (unlike my 329 which always hurts no matter what I shoot in it).

I have put maybe 50 rounds thru this. Not sure how many the PO put thru it, I don't think it was many, if any.

This will be a package deal (unless someone else wants to buy all of the ammo before the revolver is sold). If I sell the gun, I just have no use for the ammo, and I don't want to be stuck with $1K worth of ammo. Or dies for a caliber I don't shoot.

Ammo on hand:

80 rounds Federal 460 S&W Magnum 275gr Barnes Expander
88 rounds Hornady .460 mag 200 gr. FTX

350 rounds Federal .45LC 225 gr. JSP
50 rounds HSM "cowboy" ammo
50 rounds Magtech "cowboy" ammo
20 rounds Gold Country 250gr JHP

I thought I had some .454 ammo, but I have not found it.

Spare comp (different style - if you are going to shoot a lot of lead bullets, use this style)
Speed loader

The dies are new/unused.

Lee Carbide 3-Die Set 460 S&W Magnum
Lee Collet-Style Crimp Die 460 S&W Magnum

$1250 for the gun
$500 for the .460 ammo
$450 for the .45LC ammo
$50 for the dies

Total: $2200 for the package altogether (if you buy the gun, you are buying the ammo & dies)

FTF sale - no shipping

Possible trades (plus cash):

Ruger LCRX .22LR 3"
Ruger LCRX .357 3"
Ruger LCRX 9mm
S&W 610 4" Barrel
S&W 986
CZ 457 Scout .22 LR and/or WMR
Browning BLR in .223 - preferably stainless & takedown - trade up for Black Label
Crickett .22 mag stainless
Ruger Gunsite .308

460 left side.jpg

460 right side.jpg
box label.png
460 ammo.jpg

Hogue X Frame grips (softer rubber on the back strap)

Weight 60.7 oz.
LENGTH: 11.25
Barrel Length 5" (12.7 cm)

Rear Sight Adjustable
Action Single/Double Action

Barrel: Stainless Steel
Frame: Stainless Steel
Frame Finish: Satin Stainless
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