S&W .45acp 1917, US Army model w/holster

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    This is a genuine US 1917 with a lower s/n - 21,xxx. Likely a 1917 production. Numbers match on the frame/barrel/cylinder/ejector. Grips are genuine S&W for the gun but number to a higher s/n, though they fit nicely; probably swapped at an arsenal. Includes black leather swivel holster. $575 ftf east of Seattle in King Co., or $30 shipping to an FFL outside WA. If in WA and not local, can ship for less. 03/C&R FFL is A-ok for this, of course.

    Mechanics: The gun is in very good to excellent mechanical condition. B/c gap is .004/.005" with about .002" of endshake. Headspace is excellent. Bore is a little dark but would clean nicely and has good lands and grooves, muzzle is nicely shaped without damage. Trigger is smooth and consistent - gun still has original military mainspring and thus a slightly heavier trigger pull like the original design. A modern commercial mainspring could be installed to make a lighter DA and SA trigger action.

    Cosmetics: Gun has 80% or more of an older, very professional re-blue on it. Hard to notice at first it is a re-blue until close examination shows lightened marks of the "S&W D.A. 45" on the barrel, and one side of the barrel pin flattened (right side). Gun has some mild pitting on sides of barrel, blue is worn on grip straps front and rear, top strap, and sides of barrel. Trigger/hammer have faded but present case hardening intact. Patent dates on top of barrel and "U.S. Property" marks on underside are crisp and sharp (see bottom photos).

    Grips' condition matches gun and fit nicely, though numbered to later gun. Unfortunately, the butt swivel was removed, a plug brazed in, and the grip end ground smooth. The s/n on the grip is thus very faint and the "US ARMY" mark mostly gone, but traces visible. The "GHS" inspector's stamp is on the top left of the frame, and there is a perfectly stamped "2" U.S. Army acceptance stamp on the lower right corner of the frame. No other martial marks.

    Holster: Comes with a black leather swivel holster. Holster is excellent and stamped "W.H. McMonies Portland Ore" on the back.

    Price: I see excellent original ones $1500 to $2000, and beater ones needing much work at about $500. Ones in similar condition with original finish at about $900 to $1100. I'm thinking this price for a genuine US military model in this condition, with a real leather swivel holster, and not a later civilian or Brazilian model, is fair.

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