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Got in a trade but doesn't fit in my collection as well as I would've liked. Phenomenal firearm however, had 0 issues and easy to use. This is a Russian Izmash Saiga (AK74m) in 5.45x39. As far as the ammo goes I have about 100rds included and possibly more if I can find it. I have full Zentico furniture including the PT5 stock, the lower handguard, the optic rail, as well as the fore grip and upper handguard which isn't attached currently but included. It has an Arhipov's lever installed for a more western style thumb mag release although the the actual standard mag release works in tandem with it if you want to Iraqi reload. It has magpul grips installed and the krebs ambi saftey for lefties and those who try to be ambidextrous. It's had a da13 gas block installed by a local gunsmith which has worked well for me as well as a lantac dragon asr mount for suppressor use. The muzzle device has been p&w to have an oal bbl length of 16.1". I have the original gas tube, FSB, and FSP which will be included incase you'd like to revert it. It does Include the Romeo 5 red dot unless you'd rather me leave it off. I'll also send you with all the magazines I have for it currently (8). As close to some of the Russian FSB Aks as you can reasonably get in the states while also juggling 922r compliance.

Price is OBO, I am open to offers and certainly interested in trades. I'm a huge sucker for most prebans. Some full or partial trades I'd consider would be;
-Robinson armament m96
-daewoo k1a1
-costa mesa ar180
-wiselite arms DPM (semi)
-Romanian AES10 (semi Romanian rpk)
-RPB Open bolt Mac10 semi (no I don't want your masterpiece arms)
-HK 91 / Springfield SL8 / SAR48 /g3 /other 91 clones considered
-hk94/Hk SP5/ MKE clones considered
-oa15 ar pistol
-Dpms kitty cat
-sig 550 series rifles/pistols
-AA Arms SAP rifle/pistol
-Steyr Aug A1 (older nato model)
-sites Spectre pistol
-sterling Semi auto
-usas 12 (happy to do DD paperwork)
-looking for a GSL Phoenix or Gemtech CT9S/CT9SK (happy to do a form 4 for instate sellers)
-Colt M45A1
-Also looking to get into some long range stuff this year, I'm a novice at this but recommendations I've been given have been stuff like proof research, Christensen arms, or sig cross'. Scopes like night force, leupolds, trijicon, and high end sig would be considered if included as well.
-probably a number of others I've forgotten, I am making this late at night. Feel free to hit me up with partial or full trade offers, worst I can say is no thank you. That being said I am always fine with cash.

P.s. I will add more photos this afternoon, if you would like specific photos let me know and I will get them to you at my earliest convenience.

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Nice looking gun with some great features. I have a similar build based on the Saiga 5.45 and it functions flawlessly. Should sell or trade fast at this price with the extras you're including.
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