Ruger P90 Stainless .45 ACP

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Dyjital, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Dyjital

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    Comes with:
    • P90
    • (2) 8 round mags
    • Uncle Mikes Sidekick holster
    • Hard case for gun & magazines
      • Ammo:
      • 67 empty brass once fired. I can have these reloaded for approx $25 if one wishes.
      • 42 Remington JPH's (180gr i believe, lost the box)
      • 34 Magtech FMJ's (230gr)

    Prefer to trade for 223, 22-250, 7mm, cannon, bazooka, rocket launcher.. looking for a flat shooting small caliber legal for deer and/or varmints. I already have a .17HMR that I just finished so don't a straight varmint gun. Not wanting some random off caliber either, something common. Have 300 Savage so nothing that large.
    ONLY possible rimfire would be a 22LR, (stainless, bull barrel, laminate stock *thumbhole ok*, semi auto preferred, bolt ok.)

    Not willing:

    to separate anything for individual sale.

    I DO NOT need the money, just looking for something else to build. No pistols, have XD40 and prefer that over the P90.

    Sell price you ask? $475
    PM, etc if interested, or offers blah blah blah. No need to bump thread. I'll answer any questions in original post below photo.

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