Ruger New Model Blackhawk .30 Carbine w/ red dot $450

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by NWRed, Apr 21, 2012.

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    I picked this up in a trade recently after wanting one since I was a kid. I took it shooting last week, ran 60 rounds through it and realised that as cool as it ( Ive always liked .30 Carbine pistols!!!) is I'm just not a single action revolver shooter.
    Great overall shape, comes with a Bushnell Trophy red dot. The rear sight has been taken apart for the scope mount, no rear sight parts included. Complete sights are $17 from Brownells. The mount is just clamped on, no drilling/tapping into the frame.
    Also included 100+ rounds of .30 carbine ammo, mostly FMJ and 20ish rounds of soft points.

    I put the value of my Blackhawk at $450.
    I'm willing to ship without the ammo unless you want to pay for the hazmat fees as well as shipping to your FFL or home in WA.

    I'm looking for M&P pistols, Glocks, Sig 22Xs, XDs, FNs , clean Beretta 92 in 9mm, an AK or Saiga in 5.45 or 7,62x39, an AR in 7.62x39, AR barrels in 7.62x39, cheap handguns, quality 1911s ( no Philipine guns), double action .45 Long Colt revolvers, a cheap Rem. 1100/1187 12 ga, or if you have a Taurus Raging 30 in .30 Carbine :thumbup:

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