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    Up for sale/trade is my Ruger Mini-30 (7.62x39).
    The bore is nice and it seems to be more accurate than I can shoot it, but I'm not a pro. I get about six inch groups shooting offhand with the irons at 100 yards (okay, that was my best with it, but I'm new).

    The rifle came to me with a Hogue overmolded stock (I like it), and also with two factory five round mags, one 20 round aftermarket mag and three thirty round aftermarket mags. I was warned about the reliability of the aftermarket mags.
    The factory mags feed perfectly.
    I've found the aftermarket ones very occasionally goof with Remington UMC and steel case Wolf ammo, but feed just fine with the Yugo surplus I have.
    If you leave three to five rounds of space when loading with Remington UMC, they feed fine - but the steel case ammo still has occasional hiccups. I bump-fired this a few times and none of the mags had a feed problem during that. Go figure.

    I've added:
    Black nylon sling with quick detach swivels. (Steadies well, and looks sharp)
    A higher power Wolff hammer spring to slap the commie primers a little harder. Light strikes on berdan-primed ammo are very rare now.
    A higher power Wolff recoil spring to reduce felt recoil. I can't tell, but my wife says it's noticeable and easier for her to shoot.
    The original springs will be included.
    I have two brand new spare gas pipes to include as well (they were cheap and I was buying springs anyway).
    An NCStar muzzle brake. This is pinned on at the front sight - but the pin is a tad long and I haven't taken the time to trim it.
    I'll include the original front sight pin in case you want to remove the brake.
    Also included is the rail that attaches to the Ruger scope mounts. I bought this in anticipation of a red dot, but I'm spending my money elsewhere.

    The rifle has served me well and is a shooter, not a flawless specimen fresh off the factory floor. It has a few small scratches here and there, but no rust.

    FTF transactions in Oregon only. No shipping, but I can drive a decent distance from Portland for the right offer. I'll need to see your ODL. Signed bill of sale for both parties.
    Cash Price $625
    Trades listed at the bottom.


    Why am I selling this?
    I bought it on this forum several months ago for two reasons. I've wanted a Mini-30 for a long time. I'm not sure exactly why, but the look, feel and caliber appeal to me.

    Also, I've always wanted an AK-47, but my wife said no. The fact that this shoots the same cartridge but clearly isn't "Evil" with a capital "E", went well with my successful attempt at persuasion along the lines of "Really, why is this okay but the other is bad and scary, honey?". Luckily, my wonderful wife's very logical mind has slowly accepted this, and it's now okay-ish for me to acquire an AK.

    I enjoy this rifle and don't really want to get rid of it, but it's served its purpose and needs to turn into something else, since I now have an SKS and hope to have an AK in the next six-ish months. I just like the commie style, I guess.

    Your trade plus some (of your) cash or ammo:
    Savage .17 HMR bolt action
    .357 lever action
    Excellent condition Mosin rifle + ammo (prefer Finn M39)
    Any MPA, Corbray, or other clone pistol in 9mm
    AK-47 type, with wood furniture
    Stripped AR lowers (plural!)

    Straight trade:
    Remington 700 in .308
    Two quality & complete AR lowers

    Trade plus some (of my) cash:
    AR-15 in 5.56/.223

    If you've got something else to trade, or think your trade is mis-categorized above, send your offer anyway - who knows, it may be just what I want!
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