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    I have for trade a 99% condition blued Ruger New Bearcat in .22lr with the case and manual. I have fired exactly one CB round through this gun just to make sure it would go bang and it may have been unfired prior to me doing that though I'm not certain. . Any trading would have to take place in the Centralia/Olympia area. Trades I'm interested in (cash + or - where appropiate):

    A blued Ruger GP100 w/3" barrel
    blued Double-action K/N-frame size revolvers in .357, .44 sp. or .45ACP
    a nice S&W Model 10 w/ a 4" heavy barrel
    Beretta 70S in .22 or .380
    Spartan/Remington/Baikal single shot w/iron sights in .223, .308 or 7.62X39
    ADC derringer in .38 or .357
    an FEG AP-22 with both magazines
    a nice Webley
    a blued Ruger New Vaquero, Beretta Stampede, or other SAA-styled single-action revolver in .357
    a Ruger PC9 or PC40 carbine
    a .223 repeater
    a Sig 230/232
    a Taurus 445 .44sp. snubbie

    That's just some possibilities. I'm open to all offers.



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