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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by gully_20, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Hey guys...

    Hoping to get some information or at least a place where to start. I have a Ruger 300 Mark II WinMag with a synthetic stock I bought several years ago I am looking to get a value for so I can sale it. I have looked on and GunsAmerica but can't really find anything that is close to my rifle. I'm thinking around $300 for the rifle but don't want to post something without actually knowing a fair asking price. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get a fair market value for it. Any info would be much appreciated.

    Thank you...
  2. SDR

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    At this time it is a buyers market,Everything is a tough sale...Book values don't really apply , It is what you can get for it...

    Checking auction sites will give a good base to start from...Checking places like Bi-Mart and see what new one's sell for and deduct for yours being used...
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    The last sale price I saw on these 77's was $499, and that was last year. So, I expect this years on-sale price to be a bit higher. I'm assuming that it is stainless, with a synthetic stock.

    So, with that in mind, $300, or even a little more, is a pretty fair price on your rifle. Your post does not say...Does it have a box? Rings? Paperwork? Also, it's not likely, as iron sights were discontinued some time ago, as an option, but does yours have iron sights?

    And, condition?

    Right now, guns are a little difficult to peddle. I've seen some bargains go untouched, as people are still a little scared to spend money, if they're lucky enough to have it to spend.

    If you do advertise it, and you don't get it sold, easily, let me know, and I'll turn this gun on to my Ruger collector buddies. I think in my circles, that gun would sell, but since it IS a buyers market, it would have to be quite perfect, with all the stuff it came with.

    Oregon City.
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    Also matters if its stainless or blued. A synthetic and stainless will fetch more than a blued and synthetic. If its it excellent shape, and you're not just looking to dump it because you need money quick, I would price at $450 (stainless) or $400 (blued). If they don't sell at that price, you can move down a bit.
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    I was just in gunbroker in tigard the other day and they had a blued w/ scope for $300 and a stainless w synthetic stock and scope for $325. So $300 sounds like a pretty good price to me.
  6. Gassyman

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    What he one

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