WTS OR Ruger 10/22 package deal

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    I have a fairly new (50th anniversary edition) Ruger 10/22. I purchased it about a year ago and it has less than 400 rounds through it. I simply do not shoot it enough to justify the safe space it takes up.

    Included: What I paid

    Ruger 10/22 rifle (wood stock) $200
    After market folding stock $90
    Simmons 4x scope with rings $40
    Original 10 round magazine xx
    One 25 round Ruger magazine $25
    Two 25 round Butler Creek magazines $30
    One box (100 ct) Winchester .22 LR ammo. xx

    Due to my inept gunsmithing, you can see (picture) a hole drilled in the bottom of the original wood buttstock. Nothing that a little wood filler and stain couldn’t clean up.

    I’m asking $200 (firm). Cash only. I am able to meet primarily in the Beaverton area. I am willing to meet on Hwy 217 between Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor in Tigard to the Hwy 217 – Hwy 26 interchange, and from east Hillsboro to Hwy 217 along Canyon Road / TV Hwy.

    Oregon residents only. You must be legal to purchase a firearm. Valid Oregon drivers license (preferably CHL). I will need a simple bill of sale signed for my records.

    Thanks for looking!

    .22 magazines.jpg

    .22LR 100.jpg

    1022 folded.jpg

    1022 new stalk.jpg

    Ruger 1022 hole.jpg

    Ruger 1022 Simmons scope.jpg

    Ruger 1022 wood stalk.jpg
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    I used to have a 10-22 with the same folding stock. It is nice and solid when fully extented and a little longer overall. Very nice. If I had an extra 200 laying around, this would be sold already.:eek:
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    Ill take it if sale pending falls through

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