Rossi M1892 Winchester clone in .44

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by oldcars, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Early model without the dumb looking safety on top of the bolt, shoots 44mag and 44special, has dark nicely figured wood that has a few small scars and dings so it actually looks like an old Winchester! $350firm or might trade up or down for :
    S&W model 19,25,27,28,29,66,586,625,686,1950,1955, Mossberg 590, Glock 19,22,23, Sig double stack 9mm or 40cal, Kahr 9mm or 40cal, HK pistol. Browning HP, 1911, Ruger PC9, PC40, complete AR upper,Mini14,cetme, or a rifle in 7mm-08. If you have a trade offer, please tell me what you value your gun at.

    I can't post pictures, and I can send one, but please only request pictures if you are truely interested, and use email because I seldom check my PM's or forums

    Thanks and have a great day-
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