Rings & 1 Piece Bases $20 Each

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    Most of these came on rifles I bought, or with reloading stuff I picked up. I don't use this style. No mounting screws for any except the one Redfield with them underneath, & they're a bit buggered up at that.
    $20 each

    1. Redfield has "SK" on the bottom. From what I gather, it's for a Sako SA
    2. Leupold for Remington 700 LA
    3. Redfield for Remington 700 LA
    4. Leupold for Remington 700 SA
    5. Redfield for Remington 700 SA
    6. Leupold base with (I think) old Redfield rings that tighten from the bottom

    PM if interested


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