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going from the top down barrels are as follows , shipping can be done also at additional costs

1) remington 700 factory varmint contour 26 inches long came as a 223 with a 1-9 twist, re-chambered to a 22-250, fitted with a holland recoil lug, less than 60 rounds as a 22-250 probably even less rounds, shoots 69 match bullets and 55 ballistic tips like a dart but wouldnt shoot the bullet i wanted so off it came and i ordered new pac-nor 1-8 twist $175.00

2) remington 243 varmint contour 26 inches long fitted with a holland recoil lug , shoots fine it just wont be going back on the action it was fitted for so up for sale it is $175.00

3) remington 700 sporter hart 1-14 twist 6mm x 22-250 bought it and never used it found another project 22 inches long and measures .660 at muzzle, has been shot very little $200.00

4) remington 700 sporter 243 20 inches long so probably off a youth rifle ? bought it and its not going to get used , i never used it and cant say i know how it shoots $100.00

5) remington 700 7mm saum sporter barrel 22 inches long bought it and never used it , cant remember where i got it or if it was a new take off or used so its priced right $85.00

6) winchester model 70 stainless 26 inches with the claw extractor 300 rem ultra mag i got it for an extra, not gonna use it , new take off, i never used it so if your looking for one of these here it is $180.00

7) remington 700 varmint 6mm remington 24 inches gloss finish, i have never shot it but got it from someone that was reliable and it still shoots very well its just not going to be used $150.00

8) remington 700 varmint contour 24 inches in length never used it and probably never will, has a 11 degree crown bought it somewhat cheap so i am gonna pass it along at ---sold---

send me a note and i will get back to you as soon as i can , leave me a phone number for the quickest response, as far as trades go the only thing i would be interested in some scopes i think or a good set of 6mm br dies
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