(review) NLX223 BCG with DLC finish

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    Ladies and Gents,

    I have completed yet another review and present the results for your consumption/consideration
    Today I'm discussing the NLX223 Bolt Carrier group with Blazer diamond like carbon coating.


    MSRP - 165.00
    All parts DLC coated including cam pin and firing pin
    Grade 8 fasteners on gas key are properly torqued and staked
    Bolt is machined from SAE 4140ph high-grade steel
    Bolt is shot peened and MPI inspected.
    Carrier is machined from 4140ph steel to aerospace tolerances
    All parts are machined from raw stock. Not a single cast part.

    First impressions:

    - Interesting steel gray color (darkens when oiled)
    - Impressive lubricity. Immediately began pulling the oil off my fingers.
    - Some rough surface area but all in non contact locations
    - Interesting flared rear to stabilize travel in buffer tube


    - First ten rounds experienced two hangups but they were due to my not following proper break in instructions and a tight extractor. no other issues through ~400 rounds
    - Extremely smooth cycling
    - Crazy easy to clean. Literally wipes clean with a rag.

    - Beautiful finish unlike any other carrier I have used.
    - Flared rear end makes cycling incredibly smooth
    - All machined, no cast parts
    - Ease of cleaning

    - Rough finish inside the rear of the carrier (does not impact operation in any way) (may be due to being a sample for review)
    - Rough areas on outside of carrier walls (strictly due to milling of the part) (Does not apply to contact surfaces which are glass smooth)

    Overall 5/5 stars, absolutely worth the 165.00 price tag.

    Video review here:


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