WTS WA Remington Mohawk 600 308

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Stpdgreen, Jun 3, 2016.

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  1. Stpdgreen

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    Remington Mohawk 600, .308. Leopold 3x9x40 older vari x ll. Weaver rings, original owner since 1978. Manufactured from 1972 to 1979, serial number starts with A no trigger recall on this one. 37 inchs in length, 18.5 barrel, original stock, hasn't been in woods for over 20 years, some bluing missing, great little Hunting gun, great for smaller person or horse back. $525. Obo. No trades. 253 740 6118

    20160603_204243.jpg 20160603_204256.jpg 20160603_204305.jpg
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  2. kitz33965

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    These are getting rare. That's a good price! Good luck with your sale.

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  3. Silver Hand

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    Is it that people have never handled one of these or what?

    I purchased my old Rem. mod 660 in 1969, same rifle in a magnum caliber. Hunted in the brush with it for a lifetime and believe the short action 350 Rem. Mag. was the best choice in cartridges, capable of sending 250 grains of factory spire points down the tube and even larger cast bullets in that short action. Many animals saw there last day in front of that short light rifle.

    I always wanted a 600 in the .308 caliber just to have one handy but never had a chance to find one at a reasonable price. This cartridge will handle 220 grains of lead and I believe Hornady is manufacturing .308 win. in 220 gr. RN right now calling it there Custom International line.

    Anything on four legs with teeth and claws a step or two in front of you will not have much of a chance having been hit that hard, so up close and personal.
    These rifles are perfect to take along on those long dark walks in places most hunters just don't go.
    Wish it were mine - To many years gone by and I miss the dogs.
    Silver Hand
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  4. 2A2Dend

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    Trust me in saying. This post, even though I already have a model 600/308 in pristine condition, got me to consider contacting the seller. I have nothing negative to say. I've bagged Elk, Deer, and Bear with mine way beyond 600yds.
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