WTS/WTT OR Remington 700 Varmint .243 - Long Range Setup

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by stmcelroy, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Haven't had time or opportunity to shoot this much and need the money so sadly this is up for sale.

    Remington 700 Varmint .243 Winchester 26" Barrel

    HS Precision Stock & Factory BDL bottom metal
    Timney Trigger
    Badger Bolt Knob
    Weaver 20moa Base - Properly bedded
    Harris 6-9" Swivel Bipod, Notched Legs and Swivel Lock

    65 rounds down range, most of them just messing around out to 900 yards. Shoots the 105gr Hornady BTHP well.

    Have around $1,250 into the setup.

    Sell for $1,100/OBO.

    Partial trade for Kimber Montana, Remington 700 SS or Remington 7 SS in either .243, .257Roberts, .260, 7mm-08

    2015-02-02 11.38.38.jpg

    2015-02-02 11.38.25.jpg
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