Remington 700 LTR .223 threaded & comes with 20 moa Nightforce base

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    eta: This is the gun that kil't Bin Laden's Coyote!!!

    $1000 FTF -- now $900 FTF

    add $30 to ship CONUS to your FFL from individual. Can ship direct to YOU in OR via USPS. after you email a copy of your Oregon driver's license and CHL permit...

    Base and threading added about $200 of cost.

    Since I finally got all the parts for mah SPRish AR finally put together, this one is going up for sale to fund optics. I have wanted this girl for a long time and will be sad to see her go, but I need the monies... Round count is definitely less than 400. I would say closer to 250, but since I didn't keep track, I will say 400 on the outside. The chamber and bore are bright and shiny, and there is no throat erosion or anything. For all intensive purposes she looks and functions like brand new.

    She is threaded 1/2-28 for all your .223 accessories; guaranteed concentric to bore. I think it's 1/2-28; its the same as whatever threads are standard on ARs. I had a can on the end of her, but you can put whatever you want on there. .223 FOR SURE needs a really big muzzle brake... :paranoid:

    She looks and runs like brand new. I believe it is a 1:9" twist. I had planned her as a varmint and target gun, which she does great at, but I need the $ for some new scopage on the other gun. This is the gun I used at the last Practical Rifle Sniper/Precision match at TCGC and took 6th with (6th or 5th, I can't remember). She shoots lights out. The trigger is tuned right in at about 3 lbs and breaks beautifully.

    She has a Nightforce 20moa base on there which is included.

    My pet load for her is a 55gr Nosler BT over 25.6gr of Benchmark. At the matches though I just shot PMC Bronze.




    I will take a Gen 3 Glock 19 w/night sights in partial trade, one in OD green is MUCH preferred.

    I also need:

    - Boyd's Tacticool stock for my Savage MKII .17hmr

    - Nikon M-223 3-12 for mah vermin rifle

    - Some type of optic for my 300 aac blk SBR upper (1-4x maybe?)

    - big box 'o 300 blk brass (or process/convert my 556/223 brass into it)

    - .30 cal 175gr SMK boolits

    - large (200-220gr) .30 cal gameking type bullets for deer hunting with the 300 blk

    - 5rd AR mags ( a couple of them)
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    You ever sell this?

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