WTS: Remington 11-87 Police - $400
WTS: Choate Charging Handle for 1100/11-87 (NIB) - $10 -*SPF*

The Remington 11-87 Police: Remington Law Enforcement - Shotguns - Model 11-87
- This is a used police gun (as noted by the big "7" on the buttstock...7 is lucky, right?)
- Holds 6+1 of 2 3/4" shells. Will take up to 3"
- Single Bead, 18.5" barrel w/ fixed IC choke.
- This model has 2 gas ports, so will cycle the low-brass birdshot.
- ADDED: TacStar 5-shot side saddle (If not desired, can remove and replace original receiver pins) Side Saddle has been removed and no longer available.
- Used as a HD gun. Shot very little by me, but cycled well, even with reduced recoil buckshot. Some damage to the front of the trigger guard from the police clamp (does not impact function).

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