Remember, it isn't just the 2nd Amendment they are going after

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    They are indeed going after the other Amendments. It is just the 2nd that is getting most of the attention. Here is just a quick list off the top of my head...

    1st: Free Speech: Doing it under the terms "hate speech" and "bullying" as an example

    1st: Religion: Obamacare mandating religious organizations provide abortion coverage against their long-held beliefs. Other "equal rights" issues disallowing churches or other religious groups from hiring people of their own faith or even moving to disallow people to raise or educate their children in their own faith. People that hold traditional religious positions are beginning to be defined as "mentally ill." Look for more on this when the DSM5 comes out next month.

    1st: Press: Movement to "license" journalists and "legitimate" news agencies. Attempts to ban new media and other non-corporate news by using the cover of pirated music and movies to pass new copyright law in order to eliminate "fair use" in order to keep true information from being spread.

    1st: Assembly and Petition the Government: Ban on concealed carry in public buildings in OR is one example. Others include banning protests/rallies, setting up "free-speech" zones in isolated fenced off areas, etc.

    2nd: Arms: Obviously...

    4th: Search and Seizure, Probable Cause, Warrants: NDAA, HB3200, Convincing, bribing, or coercing private internet companies to willfully give up personal data of users without warrants. DHS/TSA "Viper (VIPR)" teams doing random roadway checkpoints - Expect more of this after Boston.

    5th: Self-Incrimination, etc.: NDAA, mandatory giving up of passwords and personal computer data when passing through a customs checkpoint.

    5th Eminent Domain: HB3200 or other ways gov't passes laws that result in the codification of personal property. Look up how Meigs Field in Chicago was literally stolen by the mayor in the middle of the night. Also, environmental laws are used to punish people or take land for public use.

    6th: Fair Trial: NDAA, "National Security Letters"

    8th: Excessive, Cruel and Unusual Punishment: NDAA, Drone strikes, fines not consistent with nature of offense (HB3200)

    10th: States Rights: Attempting to federalize everything, spread the false notion that "national law trumps state law" when it is Constitutionally backwards.
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    Honestly, the one I worry about the most is the Fourth Amendment. Without it, we can't keep "them" out of our house and business...
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    You can do that via the 2A, if we fall into total despotism... Just sayin'
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    Pretty much all of that with the exception of the 2nd (which is a conditional permission/liberty, not a right) have already been flushed. But no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. The Bill of Rights and Constitution are now pretty much historical documents. The greatest freedom a man could have is the right to be left alone and that is now 100% gone. I give private gun ownership another ten years at best. The one thing I enjoy, sport shooting, will be no longer. That is why I never take such things for granted at all NOW.

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