RedDot size on revolver?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by aquariumjunky, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Hey I was looking for a group think about what size reddot you like on your revolver or have enjoyed shooting in the past. This revolver will be used for speedsteel type stuff and just plinking.

    I am wondering if a 30mm is big enough for quick target aquisition or if a 35?40?42?50? would be better and perfered.

    Personally 30's seem a little small so would like one a little bigger but how big I have not had the chance to shoot my revolver with any reddots yet

    Just looking for a so what do you like on yours type of thread?

    (fyi ordered a square B mount for my revolver today!)
  2. Hotwheelz

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    Well first off let me say I have never put a redot on a revolver but on my auto's I like the 40mm-42mm I have 1 on a S&W 22a works great and I have one on a cz-75 very happy with them and I have put 1000's of rounds threw both. I tried a 50mm and it didnt last long enough to really get a feal for it { was a cheapy that wouldnt hold a zero } but it looked really odd on my little smith 22a. The BSA and tru-glow seem to be decent reddot the one 50mm that fell apart looked like a bsa but had some other name on it. The BSA's run about $40 for the 40mm- 42mm at the gun shows.
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    I use a millet red dot on my ruger 22/45 and it has a 30mm tube, while the quality is great I would recommend going bigger. I've had it on a couple of rifles and it works fine closer to the eye but at arms length it's harder to acquire the dot until it's right in front of you. O.K. for paper but too slow for plates or multiple targets. I have one of those dueling tree .22 targets and it's too slow getting onto the first target.

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