That was pretty much my take on it too... Red flag laws make gun owners "second class citizens", so here are the things you need to do to maintain your second class status and not pizz off the first class citizens.

Thank you, but no thank you. I will continue on with my daily life without altering what I do or say to the tiniest degree.
I live in Central Oregon and daily I hear red flag laws/ ERPO's being pushed on the radio (sponsored by everytown for gun confiscation er I mean safety) and there are 2 billboards in Bend that are advertising them as well. Being pushed HEAVILY by bloombergs group.
This is going to be responsible for ALOT of innocent gun owners either being murdered by the police or having their lives destroyed financially! Absolutley unbelievable this is happening in Amerika.
1) Your status as a gun-owner/concealed-carrier needs to be a secret.

I’m not going to advertise this on my car or house out of fear of vandalism and gun thieves, but otherwise I’m proud to tell people I’m a gun owner, both in my private and professional life. I have a good reputation, and am happy to have it reflect positively on the gun community. We need more gun owners speaking up, not less, and certainly not going underground.
I prefer to be a gray man, so no stickers on the truck, etc. But that's for opsec and it's been my way for years.
I carry unless I'm asleep. If I'm in town, concealed means concealed.
I wear my NRA hat or Colt hat or a shirt or whatever the heck I feel like anywhere, anytime.
*I open carry at home here in the woods. We have big kitties and the occasional bear.

The wheel has started to turn and this treachery will end in unintended consequences.
I hope I play a part because I'm about ready to march to Lexington or Concord.
Most of those (very good) points are just common sense for being a gun owner in the PNW. It's always a good idea to just be third guy/third row. Wearing your political bent on your sleeve will just lead to trouble in this environment. Yes, I know all about my rights to advertise my beliefs, no argument from me there. But how much do I want to endure in repercussions from the "local beasts" in keyed car doors, broken windows, kids harassed? We're bigly outnumbered and can fight the idiots until we can't fight no more but there will always be more of them here. So for the time being, laying low is sage advice. It's one reason I don't participate in social media. Even Nextdoor is extremely problematic. YMMV.


So, relegated to the closet, but I don't wanna hide my ammosexual preferences. I already feel I'm being shamed for my leisure activities, and you can't pray it away either.

I'm afraid I'm just too much of a flaming gun owner for that. It's painfully obvious to people I meet, the confidence in the way I walk, the stray shell casing that gets stuck between my shoes tread and falls out at awkward moments. Besides the bulge from my spare magazines and the jingling and knocking on my kneecaps.

Maybe we should hold a gun pride parade for ammosexuals, let the world know it's ok just to be who you are without prejudice.



This is on the #MeToo but I share as a warning, this is how the #RedFlag laws will come to be followed.

Much like New Jersey, where the face evidence, no investigation, is taken, as fact. Lives will be ruined.

Some of the stuff we say here could get any one of us red flagged on any given day.

If you're pissed off about something and say something here, you're now on record.

I try to be circumspect, but a guy can only take so much chickensh!t.
Don't we have a right to free speech?

It doesn't have to be speech either, let some sjw see you with a sidearm and it's 911 time.

I hate to see this state of affairs, but at this point it might be best to toss the gameboard and let the pieces fall where they may.

^^^^^^^^ See, red flag....

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