WTS OR RCBS Powder Pro scale and dispenser

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    This has worked well for me since 2012, but my wife upgraded me for Christmas.
    Dispenser and Scale, these work in either standalone mode or as a unit, the two communicating by infrared.

    $140 OBO for the set. Prefer cash, but might consider trading for some powder, RL-15, H/IMR 4895, BL(C)2, VV140, or Alliant 2000-MR.
    Send a PM if interested.

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    Like anything else, this has quirks. Here's what I noticed:
    1) Plug them both in and let them stabilize before using. FWIW, my new unit says the same.
    2) Once in a while, it will feed only in dribble mode. What I found is if you change the charge weight to something else, it will resume feeding properly (fast then dribble). Then change the weight back and it will work fine.
    3) What I do like MORE about this unit than the one my wife bought, is that, when it's finished feeding, the scale will still indicate what is fed, and even bounce around. I have noticed that on my new unit, it will feed, over shoot by .1 or as much as .2 and then the display will quickly switch back to the target weight and be stable. In all the auto feeders I have seen, except a $7,000 Ohaus lab scale, the scale display will bounce around.
    4) I have read you're not supposed to use it in a cold room. I load in my unheated garage, and it works fine (see #1 above).
    5) The feeder unit can be upgraded to a much faster model by Pact Scales, Inc. for $75. I was going to do this, but mama beat me to it.
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