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Brand new in box $100.00 FTF in Vancouver, can ship for $25.
With a 12-1/2 pound capacity shot hopper and 1/2 pound powder hopper, you'll be able to crank out an impressive 200 rounds per hour. This press will load lead shot, can utilize RCBS, Hornady or Ponsness Warren powder and shot bushings and is covered under the RCBS Lifetime Warranty.
RCBS The Mini Grand Single Stage Shotshell Press 12 Gauge 2-3/4", 3", 3-1/2" - MidwayUSA

Technical Information

Material: High Grade Cast Aluminum, Steel and Polymers.

# Seven station single stage press with non-rotating shellplate.
# Adjustable for 2-3/4", 3" and 3-1/2" shells.
# Factory equipped for lead shot.
# Accepts RCBS or Hornady powder and shot bushings.
# 1/2 pound capacity Powder Hopper.
# 12-1/2 pound capacity Shot Hopper.
# Loading rate @ 200 rounds an hour.
# Compound leverage.
# Easy hull positioning with unique shell holder design.
# Non-spring loaded handle.
# Easy adjustments.
# 6 and 8 point crimp starter included
# RCBS Lifetime Warranty.
# Comes with a #452 powder bushing and 1-1/8 oz. # 7-1/2 shot bushing installed
# RCBS does not make gauge conversion kits for this press, they do make a Steel Shot Conversion Kit (sold separately item 995-438)
# This press is designed to load shotshells containing shot. If looking to load slugs the slug would have to be manually inserted by hand after the powder charging step and then the appropriate crimp applied. (This press does not apply roll crimps)
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